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Value of a 1955 Lincoln Cent

Value of a 1955 Lincoln Cent

In 1955 we witnessed several significant historical events that left a lasting impact on society. From the struggle for civil rights to breakthroughs in science, cultural shifts, and international diplomacy, 1955 was a remarkable year that helped shape the history of our country.

Montgomery Bus Boycott

A thirteen-month bus boycott began sparked by the arrest of Rosa Parks, an African-American woman who refused to give up her seat to a white passenger on December 1, 1955. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. led a wave of protest ignited by her defiance against racial segregation. This ultimately led to a Supreme Court decision barring racial segregation on buses.

CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research)

In the realm of science, 1955 witnessed the establishment of CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research). Founded in Geneva, Switzerland, CERN has since become a global hub for cutting-edge research in particle physics. Its groundbreaking experiments have revolutionized our understanding of the universe’s fundamental building blocks.

“Rebel Without a Cause”

Cinematography saw a significant release in 1955 of the classic film “Rebel without a Clause,” starring James Dean. This blockbuster movie catapulted Dean into stardom while capturing the angst and rebellion of youth culture in the post-World War II era. It became a representation of emerging teenage values and was one of the triggers for the countercultural movements of the 1960s.

Austrian State Treaty

Internationally, 1955 marked a turning point in the Cold War with the signing of the Austrian State Treaty. The treaty established Austria’s sovereignty in neutrality after the Allied forces ended years of occupation following the end of World War II. The agreement played a crucial role in reducing the tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union.

1955 Lincoln Cent Value Chart

The United States Mint announced that it would close the San Francisco Mint facility in 1955. This announcement caused a mad scramble for rolls of cents and dimes, the only denominations struck in 1955 at the San Francisco Mint. Therefore, even though the Lincoln pennies minted in San Francisco have an extremely low mintage, uncirculated examples are readily available at a reasonable cost.

Wholesale Value

The wholesale value of a coin is what a person can expect to receive when they sell their coins to a coin dealer. This price may vary from dealer to dealer depending upon several different conditions. Therefore, the dollar values listed below only estimate what you would receive if you were to sell your penny.

Good 4Fine 12Extra Fine 40 About Uncirculated 55Uncirculated MS-63
1955 Proof0.
1955 DDO700.00820.001,100.001,400.002,800.00

Retail Value

If you want to purchase a 1955 Lincoln cent, the table below shows what you can expect to pay a dealer to acquire an example for your collection. As you can see, the better the coin’s grade, the more you will have to pay.

Good 4Fine 12Extra Fine 40 About Uncirculated 55Uncirculated MS-63
1955 Proof0.
1955 DDO*1,100.001,200.001,700.002,000.004,000.00
* = Doubled Die Obverse


One of the most significant factors in determining the value of a coin is its initial mintage. The more coins the United States Mint produced, the more likely an example would survive today. And if the supply is plentiful, the more affordable the coin will be.

TypePhiladelphiaDenverSan Francisco
1955 Proof378,20000

Valuable Varieties and Errors

One of the most famous error coins ever produced was the 1955 Doubled Die Obverse. This coin shows an extreme doubling on the date and motto. Because of the production quotas the mint was trying to achieve, they did not want to scrap an entire batch of Lincoln cents. Therefore, the mint knowingly released these error coins into circulation.

Additionally, there are several other errors and die varieties that only specialized collectors pursue. Most of these are doubled and tripled re-punched mintmarks. Again, you will need a jeweler’s loupe to spot these varieties.

Insider Tips for Coin Collectors

Although the 1955 Lincoln cent is a common coin, finding sharply struck examples to add to your collection can be challenging. Because the economy was booming, The United States Mint was achieving record production results. Therefore, they used the coin dies until they almost broke. Unfortunately, this yielded coins that lacked fine detail or showed signs of fatigue.

The 1955 Doubled Die Obverse error is one of the most popular error coins for a collector of Lincoln pennies to obtain. Unfortunately, this is also one of the most counterfeited Lincoln cents. Therefore, if you are thinking about purchasing one, make sure you buy one from a reputable coin dealer or one that has been certified as genuine by a leading third-party grading service.

Auction Records

One of the true judges of value is how much a coin sells for in a public auction. Below are the current auction records for the 1955 Lincoln penny:


Heritage Auctions; Graded MS-67+ Red PCGS; December 15, 2022; $38,400.00

1955 Proof

Heritage Auction Galleries; Graded PR-68 DCAM PCGS; January 8, 2003; $14,950.00


Heritage Auctions; Graded MS-67 Red PCGS; April 24, 2013; $7,050.00


Heritage Auctions; Graded MS-68 Red PCGS; September 26, 2002; $7,475.00


Heritage Auctions; Graded MS-66 Red PCGS; Triple Re-Punched Mintmark; March 5, 2017; $305.50

1955 DDO

Stacks Bowers Galleries; Graded MS-65+ Red PCGS; Doubled Die Obverse; March 22, 2018; $114,000.00